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Anyone who has a cat, or has had one, knows that kitties can be wonderful, affectionate and protective companions. We often tend to think of the cat as a capricious, independent, and profiteering animal, but this is not the case: the cat is capable of conveying intense emotions, affection, trust, and protection, toward one or more family members. The cat is an animal that appreciates socialization but needs its own space and time. The cat is a predator that has lived in contact with humans for many fewer centuries than the dog and because of this, many things about its behavior are still unclear.

The cat needs special attention (especially one that lives indoors): litter boxes, feeding, scratching posts and games to relieve stress are very important. Paco has selected the best ones to provide moments of relaxation , recreation, relief and delight for every cat, from the elderly to the kitten.

Although cats cope best with the absence of their owner this does not mean that the cat does not need care: quite the contrary! From brushing to cleaning the litter box, the cat likes to have things tidy and well-arranged. Almost all cats do not like to move, travel or out-of-town trips; calming them down and making them feel comfortable is our job.

A thoughtful choice on the best cat food will improve the kitty's present and future health and limit visits to the vet. Choose foods of excellent, either dry and wet, quality promotes the holistic well-being and body balance of felines.

It is also very important to protect the cat's health through theapplication of the most suitable pesticides that will ward off the risk of parasite infestations, which can also infect humans and are very dangerous especially in the presence of children. Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes are in fact always lurking and it is good to do everything to prevent them from coming into contact with the animal . Finally, it is essential to provide vaccinations and vet checkups to make sure your cat is in perfect health.