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Cat carriers and accessories

Cat carriers are indispensable accessories both for short trips in order to get to the vet and for longer trips aimed at the always well-deserved vacations. Models are numerous and different from each other: plastic, metal or fabric, cage or interrupted view. The choice of the most suitable cat carrier depends greatly on both the character and the size of your feline friend, not forgetting the type of journey you have to undertake, whether by plane, train or car. Remember that the carrier is not only a convenient means of transporting your cat, but also an accessory that ensures his safety during transport.

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BackPack Backpack and Carrier for Dogs and Cats

Camon's BackPack is a backpack and carrier that doubles as a convenient travel kennel . [...]
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Backpack Trolley Carrier for Dogs and Cats with Front Pockets

Camon Blue/grey dog and cat trolley carrier bag with front pockets. Maximum recommended load capacity 8 kg.

Camon Basic Carrier for Dogs and Cats

Lightweight yet durable pet carrier for dogs and cats up to 8 kg , can be used with either the practical handle or the [...]

Camon Front Carrier Backpack for Dogs and Cats

Practical and durable front carrier backpack for small dogs. Features side inserts for good ventilation, top [...]

Camon Stroller for Dogs and Cats

Stroller for small dogs , cats and other small pets up to 15 kg in weight [...]

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Fluo Trolley Carrier for Dogs and Cats

Camon Fluo pet carrier for cats and small dogs . Base size cm 36x30 and height cm 38. With wheels [...]
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Giro Pet Carrier for Dogs and Cats

M-Pets Giro Pet Carrier high quality plastic pet carrier for transporting dogs and cats [...]
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M-Pets Comfort Crate Mobile Crate for Dogs and Cats

Mobile kennel-home with metal frame, very stable and sturdy, ideal for travel, transportation and exhibitions. Foldable, with [...]

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Max Trolley for Dogs and Cats

Trolley Max is a trolley carrier for dogs and cats , very versatile, it converts into a trolley on wheels , [...]
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Pet Fashion Backpack for Dogs and Cats

Stylish Pet Fashion backpack , made of water proof fabric, for carrying small dogs and cats. For animals up to 5 kg [...]

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Pow Rigid Carrier for Motorcycles Scooters Bikes and Cars

POW is a pet carrier for animals, designed as a top box rigid for [...]
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Trolley Trailer Carrier for Dogs and Cats

Trolley car avan carrier for animals weighing up to 13 kg , with pull-out trolley and telescoping handle.
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