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Monge VetSolution

Monge VetSolution

Monge VetSolution: the ideal grain-free veterinary diet for dogs and cats

Monge VetSolution veterinary diets are all gluten-free and grain-free to help dogs and cats with disorders and diseases get back into shape. This line of grain-free foods is especially suitable for dogs and cats under treatment and therefore more fragile and vulnerable to stressful conditions that can compromise their well-being.

Monge VetSolution, diets designed to combat the most common diseases

Monge's grain-free veterinary diets are designed to combat the most common heart, kidney, gastrointestinal, liver, metabolic (weight) and dermatological (coat and skin) conditions. Monge VetSolution is prepared with new generations of prebiotics and free radical antagonists and combines different elements to increase the effectiveness of each diet.

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Monge VetSolution Dermatosis for Dogs

Monge VetSolution Dermatosis dog kibble is formulated for dogs with sensitive skin to promote healthy and [...]
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