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Home Hygiene and Cleaning

Although our feline friends are particularly careful about their grooming,hygiene and cleanliness of the environment where we live with them remains a priority. There are many products dedicated to this category: from barrier-effect protective sprays to automatic flea dispensers, from sanitizers and detergents for deep cleaning of home environments to adhesive hair-collecting brushes. Keeping the environments in which we live with our family members and pets clean and sanitized is healthy for us and for them.

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Adhesive Cat and Dog Hair Collecting Brush

Handy adhesive hair catcher brush , ideal for removing dog and cat hair from clothing, sofas, carpets and kennels. [...]
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Bayer Solfac Environmental Insecticide

Bayer Solfac Insecticide Acaricide is an insecticidal pesticide for home environments.
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Interior Disabituating Spray

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Intimate Pets for Dogs and Cats

Intima Pets is a natural formulation containing plant extracts, including Calendula officinalis and [...]
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UB Hand Gel Cleansing and Sanitizing for Hands

UB Hand Gel is a hand sanitizing cleansing gel with a 70 percent alcohol base and enriched with Lemongrass, [...]