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Dog toys

Play is an important function for dogs in both early life and adulthood. Dog toys serve not only to entertain your four-legged friend, but also to foster his adaptation and socialization with his other fellow dogs and humans. Through dog toys, therefore, various behavioral and physical needs can be addressed and solved. On Paco's website you will also find, in addition, a category dedicated to mental activation games for dogs those games designed and produced to grow your four-legged friend's cognitive abilities; a category dedicated to more traditional games such as balls, bones and chewables in general; and a category dedicated to water games for dogs such as swimming pools and life jackets.

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Camon Boomerang Gioco per Cani


Camon Chocolate Bar Gioco per Cani


Camon Doggy Chip Gioco per Cani


Camon Manubrio Geometrico Gioco per Cani


copy of GiftBox per Cani


copy of M-PETS Squeaky Ball Dog Toy

M-PETS Squeaky is the play ball for small and medium-sized dogs. With attracting lure to encourage your [...]

copy of Tuttomio Rubber Cane Game for Dogs

Tuttomio , the classic stick for your dog to play with that bounces and [...]

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Easy Catch Ball for Dogs

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Explorer Dog Pool

Pool for medium and large dogs, with reinforced structure
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GiftBox per Cani


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GimDog Ball 5 Senses Dog Toy

The 5 Senses Ball is a sensory game for dogs
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KONG Extreme Black Dog Toy

KONG Extreme represents the tougher version of the original KONG toy. The ultra-strong and ultra-durable black rubber toy is [...]