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Find the best kitten products, from nutrition to cutting-edge, must-have accessories on Paco. The arrival of a kitten is a special time. What not everyone knows is that a kitten has quite different needs than an adult cat.Teaching proper habits and a healthy lifestyle to our kitten will help us live with a balanced and happy adult cat.

Healthy and balanced nutrition is the basis for a kitten's healthy and harmonious growth. Deficiencies in certain nutrients, such as calcium, trace elements or taurine, can generate nutritional deficits so it is good to rely on the best dry brands and moist for kitten nutrition.

The litter box Is often an underestimated element. The kitten has preferences about the type of litter box in which it does its business. This is not a whim, but a need that may be dictated by habit, smell perception, or resistance under the paws. Until we find the right one, we need to go by trial and error! - Read more in our editorial BEDS FOR CATS: SELF-CLEANING, BIODEGRADABLE, AGGLOMERATING: WHICH TO CHOOSE

Among the must-have accessories are the kitty beds: those closed offer excellent shelter in case the kitten feels threatened or frightened. The open kennels, on the other hand, are perfect for checking out the territory (especially if placed a little higher than ground level) and indulging in a relaxing nap.

I toys are a key ally in a kitten's healthy growth: offering stimulation needed to develop predatory instincts and entertaining the kitten by helping it relieve stress. Don't be alarmed if, from time to time, your kitten attempts to challenge you by swelling its tail; this is a perfectly normal attitude to challenge you to play or hunt-read more in our editorial WHY DOES THE CAT RUN LIKE A CRAZY ALL OVER THE HOUSE? -.

I scratching posts are an item that should never be sent to the house where a kitten has gone to live. A lack of them can easily lead to unpleasantness such as scratched curtains, sofas and doors. We do not know our kitten's scratching preferences, so it is best to start with scratching posts with both vertical extensions and horizontal. Once we know what our kitten likes to scratch the most, we can move toward her preference.