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Bowls and Dispensers

On the Paco Pet Shop website you will find a large collection of cat bowls and dispensers.

Water is an essential element and every cat must have one or more bowls from which to quench its thirst. It is not always easy to convince a cat to drink water since it is a low-drinking animal and has a low ability to regulate fluid intake based on weather conditions and changing diets. Paco Pet Shop's cat bowls are suitable for holding both solid and liquid food and are available in different materials: plastic, steel and porcelain.

Cat food dispensers or dispensers make life easier for cat owners who, if absent from home for a long time, can still ensure proper food distribution. Cat food dispensers can be automatic or mechanical

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Automatic Food Dispenser for Dogs and Cats

Programmable automatic dispenser of dry kibble food for dogs and cats

M-PET Iris Interactive Bowl for Dogs and Cats

M-PET Iris is the Interactive Bowl indicated as an intelligence game for dogs and cats or to slow [...]

M-Pets Dog and Cat Food Dispenser

M-Pets dry food dispenser for dogs and cats, practical and easy to clean.

M-PETS Indus Fountain for Dogs and Cats

M-PETS's INDUS Automatic Fountain for Dogs and Cats is the ideal complement for daily hydration of pets. Ideal for [...]

M-PETS Neva Fountain for Dogs and Cats

The M-PETS Neva drinking fountain is suitable for those who own more than one dog or cat . Capable and [...]

Replacement Filters for Fontanella Indus and Neva

M-Pets replacement filters for Neva drinking fountains and Indus drinking f ountain are enriched with activated carbon [...]