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A dog changes your life: a puppy, senior or adult of any size and origin fills your heart and engages your days. A dog knows how to show affection, devotion and character and needs a human companion/human companion who has the right amount of time to devote to it. Starting one's life with a dog is a choice that must be wisely considered because it invests us with enormous responsibilities. A dog cannot spend too many hours alone; it needs exercise and proper socialization with other fellow dogs and people.

Raising a puppy dog needs a lot of time and patience while an senior dog has needs related to the passage of time, nutrition and possible diseases related to senility. The size of the dog may also require special care: for example, a large or giant dog has different dietary needs from a small or toy dog.

Among the main aspects to take care of in raising or maintaining a dog is nutrition. Crunchies o wet are the basis of traditional nutrition and it is good to choose high quality products to ensure maximum health and minimize the occurrence of food allergies, diarrhea, vomiting, and intolerances. This is why Paco carefully selects the best dry and wet foods, for dogs of all sizes and ages.

Taking care of man's best friend

For the dog, it is indeed true that man is his best friend: he loves his master so much that being without him for too long causes him terrible suffering, almost like a lover kept away from the object of his love. For this reason, it is inadvisable to get a dog if you are certain that you do not have enough time to devote to him: the animal would become bored, becoming sad and indulging in deleterious behaviors, while for the person caring for him he would be nothing more than a burden or a small amusement in the empty moments. In order to ensure a happy existence for one's dog, it is also necessary to allow him to get plenty of exercise. Even smaller, so-called "indoor" dogs need to go out often and not only for their own needs: in fact, by leaving the house, the dog is confronted with a new environment every time, sniffing around, interacting with other dogs and gaining a lot in health and good mood.

For proper nutrition: quality dog food and carefully selected brands

Proper nutrition is also the basis of a dog's health and well-being, so it is a good idea to get advice from your veterinarian and buy high-quality dog food that will ensure healthy development and maintenance of health and energy. At the same time, you should avoid giving your dog overly fatty or sugary morsels of food and not let him eat human leftovers, which are not suitable for his body. Finally, it is necessary to protect the dog from parasites through the many antiparasitic products on the market and take him regularly to the veterinarian for vaccinations and checkups.