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A world leader in pharmaceuticals, Bayer also develops and engages in another business sector: animal health. Bayer invests time, resources and money in research and innovation to offer products aimed at the health, prevention and well-being of your four-legged friends.

Seresto, Advantix and Advantage: Bayer for your pet's health

Since 1919 Bayer has been committed to the development of products for animal health and parasite control in particular. Take care of your dogs and cats by protecting them from fleas and parasites. Advantage Spot On is the line dedicated to cats. Advantix , on the other hand, is the leading product dedicated to dogs to prevent parasite attack. Bayer also offers plenty of products for the healthy growth of dogs and cats, from milk to first foods, and for their hygiene, from snacks for teeth and breath to various bath cleaners. Seresto collars(for dogs and cats) are also Bayer products. Seresto is the innovative collar with internal release technology, so that the pet can be washed without affecting the efficiency of the pesticide.

Not just pesticides...

Bayer is not only an innovator in the world of pesticides for dogs and cats, but also in pet care in general. Its lines Healthy and Beautiful consist of shampoos, conditioners, sanitizing wipes, gloves, and more. Snacks are also a popular product from Bayer; the Joki line is designed to reward your dog and your cat on any occasion. Practical and delicious are the snacks suitable for pets of all ages and designed for every nutritional need.

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