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Cat scratching posts

On Paco Pet Shop the best cat scratching posts.

For every cat, "scratching" is a natural instinct: it's a way to mark territory and keep their nail length in check! A good scratching post can indulge every cat's primal instinct and save the furniture and couches in your home. At Paco Pet Shop you will find an extensive catalog of scratching posts, a wealth of spare parts and accessories that will keep your cat entertained and - why not - decorate your home.

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Atlanta Design Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Atlanta scratching post by M-Pets in corrugated cardboard, with catnip
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Multiplay scratching post for Cats

Cat scratching mat with 4 play areas, one made of sisal, one with ball and rope and two soft plush areas. Easy to [...]

What is a cat scratching post for?

  • To keep your cat active all year round: between climbing and jumping and landing your cat reduces the risk of obesity and keeps away joint problems typical of adulthood.

  • Cats do not cut their nails with the tools used by their owners, but control their length and texture by scratching and "doing" their nails. A good scratching post facilitates this operation and saves home furnishings.

  • The scratching post is a space owned by your cat: it will be the place where he feels master of his space and time and the place he will protect by marking it with his scratches.

  • Exactly like their owners, cats love to have fun: paco shop scratching posts can be enriched with games, perches or cradles that will know how to entertain and make the house feline feel like the center of attention.