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Cat toys

Play is very important for cats: through play cats can vent excess energy and combat sedentariness, they can stimulate their curiosity and learn and explore their surroundings better. The cat is typically a solitary predator, and many cat toys aim to simulate the cat's primal instinct: that of hunting. These toys aim to stimulate its predatory ability: mice and balls have this important function. Another type of playful stimulation is that which encourages the cat to explore: cardboard boxes, tubes to get in and out of, scratching posts or common hiding places can be made even more attractive if a game or reward is hidden in them. Cats, like babies, pay attention to their toys only for a limited time: to keep their attention and desire to play alive at all times, it is advisable to alternate these cat toys often.

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Catnip Concentrated Spray

Catnip Spray is a concentrated catnip extract to be sprayed as an educational spray on all types of cat scratching posts or cat [...]
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copy of GiftBox per Gatti


GiftBox per Gatti


M-PET Iris Interactive Bowl for Dogs and Cats

M-PET Iris is the Interactive Bowl indicated as an intelligence game for dogs and cats or to slow [...]

M-PETS Aster Interactive Dog and Cat Bowl

M-PETS Aster Interactive Cat and Dog Bowl, thanks to its kibble release system slows down food intake, prevents [...]

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M-Pets Cat Toys Nature

M-Pets Natura, cat toys made from natural materials, ideal for playing in the home.
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M-Pets Fish Game for Cats

M-Pets Fish cat toy with fluorescent fabric that glows in the dark, in various subjects
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M-Pets Magnetic Interactive Toy for Cats

M-Pets Magnetic Interactive Game for Cats , is an electronic game with 3 different speeds for [...]
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M-Pets Orbit Interactive Toy for Cats

M-Pets Orbit Interactive Game for Cats, is a high-tech electronic and sensory game for cats. M-Pets Orbit [...]

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M-Pets Swing Interactive Toy for Cats

M-Pets Swing Interactive Game for Cats , is a high-tech sensory ball that entertains the cat with sounds and [...]
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M-PETS Vortex Interactive Electronic Toy for Cats

M-PETS Vortex Electronic Interactive Game for Cats is the game to stimulate the cat's solitary play activity. With [...]

M-Pets Wave Ball Toy for Cats