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Cat Kennels

Indoor, outdoor, cushion and DIY cat kennels

Indoor, outdoor cat beds, cushions and DIYs

Rest is essential for cats. Cats sleep twelve to sixteen hours and often choose specific places. Placing indoor kennels in the rooms they prefer, at accessible heights, will promote territorial control.

Kennels are essential when adopting a kitten.A cat in a new place will tend to seek safe shelters, which is often provided by enclosed kennels, under-seat kennels or DIY ones with baskets and covers.

Find the perfect cat kennel by season, too: cool ones in breathable fabrics or raised off the ground for summer and the cushion kennels in soft plush for winter.

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Camon Cuccia Nascondiglio Natalizia per Cani e Gatti


Long-haired Donut Kennel for Dogs and Cats

Camon's Long-haired Donut Kennel is a cute and comfortable kennel for cats and small dogs . Available in three colors: light [...]

M-Pets Maui Cat Kennel

M-Pets Maui is the practical cat kennel with an attractive and comfortable design . It is made entirely of [...]

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Self-Heating Mat for Dogs and Cats

Dog and cat mat with self-heating effect, no electricity required . Thanks to the insulating and heat-reflective layer, it [...]
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Tiragraffi Monitor per Gatti