Veterinary Diets for Puppies



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Veterinary Diets for Puppies

Veterinary diets for puppies are either indicated to feed the puppy suffering from transient ailments(vomiting and diarrhea, or post-vaccine or post-surgery discomfort ), or are specific foods to be given for chronic diseases already manifested at a young age. Paco has chosen only the best to ensureoptimal health for your puppy dog.

In this section you will find only the best brands specializing in veterinary puppy care. We present dry kibble or wet food to meet your puppy's needs and to be perfectly palatable and ensure his quick recovery. Before you start feeding your puppy a veterinary diet, we recommend that you talk to your veterinarian doctor.

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Bayer Primolatte Puppy

Bayer Primolatte Puppy is a complete lactation feed for the puppy until weaning
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