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Bowls and Dispensers

Feeding and hydration are one of the main aspects of a dog's life, marking its days and determining its quality of life. As with human dishes, dogs also need special containers for food and water. Paco Pet Shop offers you a wide assortment of bowls in different materials, from plastic to metal ones, suitable for both dry food and liquids; and dispensers of all kinds, from classic to automatic ones. The selection of bowls and dispensers offered by Paco Pet includes only quality products designed especially for your dear and faithful four-legged friends.

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Automatic Food Dispenser for Dogs and Cats

Programmable automatic dispenser of dry kibble food for dogs and cats

Food Stand Wall Bowls for Dogs

Plastic raised dog bowls to be fixed to the wall, allow the dog to eat in the correct position.

M-PET Iris Interactive Bowl for Dogs and Cats

M-PET Iris is the Interactive Bowl indicated as an intelligence game for dogs and cats or to slow [...]

M-PETS Aster Interactive Dog and Cat Bowl

M-PETS Aster Interactive Cat and Dog Bowl, thanks to its kibble release system slows down food intake, prevents [...]

M-Pets Dog and Cat Food Dispenser

M-Pets dry food dispenser for dogs and cats, practical and easy to clean.

M-Pets Dog Bowl in Plastic Anti-Rolling

M-Pets dog bowl , made of high-quality heavy plastic, with non-slip flared feet to ensure maximum [...]

M-Pets Double Bowl for Dogs made of Plastic Anti-Rolling

M-Pets Double Bowl for dogs , for water and food, made of high-quality heavy plastic, with non-slip [...]

M-Pets Elbe Fountain for Dogs and Cats

M-Pets' Elbe fountain is a continuous-cycle fountain for dogs and cats, holding up to 3 liters of water . It ensures [...]

M-Pets Floor Holder for Dogs

M-Pets Floor Bowl Holder , with two 800 ml plastic bowls included, ideal for medium-sized dogs.

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M-Pets Folding Bowl for Dogs and Cats

Foldable travel bowl from M-pets, made of durable silicone with carabiner and plastic crown for added stability [...]
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M-PETS Indus Fountain for Dogs and Cats

M-PETS's INDUS Automatic Fountain for Dogs and Cats is the ideal complement for daily hydration of pets. Ideal for [...]

M-Pets Melamine Bowl for Dogs

High-edge , melamine dog bowl with non-slip feet. Available in two sizes, 300 ml (for toy-sized dogs) [...]