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Dognivor develops its line of wet foods with respect for the dog's body and its needs. Nutritionally, the dog is classified as an opportunistic carnivore, which means it can eat both animal and plant foods. Our dog's digestive system, however, has adapted to digest and obtain energy and nutrients mainly from animal protein and fat.

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Dognivor Wet Food for Dogs

Dognivor is a complete wet food for dogs, in soft pate, with meat or fish as the sole source of [...]
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Dognivor, a new line of high-quality complete wet foods for dogs

  • Short recipe (1 meat source, 1 carbohydrate source)
  • Raw materials of the highest quality
  • Functional ingredients (mix 5 health) for their well-being
  • Lots of taste, to satisfy the most discerning palates

The quality of the proteins is equally important: the higher quality they are (muscle or fine organs), the more digestible they will be, the more the dog will be able to use them, creating less waste and waste, to preserve the well-being of the kidneys, pancreas and intestines.

An ideal diet, therefore, involves the use of high-quality protein along with well-balanced portions of vegetables, carbohydrates, and functional ingredients that are essential to his well-being

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