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Kennels and Blankets

Discover the wide selection of dog beds and blankets: outdoor dog beds, indoor dog beds, comfortable cushions, mats, cooling mats and dog blankets. Prepare the corner of your home dedicated to your four-legged friend to welcome him in the best possible way: comfortable materials and functional designs for different needs. Choose the right dog kennel to make your pet feel at home, in his private area he must be able to feel comfortable to rest or take a nap.

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Camon Cuccia Nascondiglio Natalizia per Cani e Gatti


Long-haired Donut Kennel for Dogs and Cats

Camon's Long-haired Donut Kennel is a cute and comfortable kennel for cats and small dogs . Available in three colors: light [...]

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M-Pets Shetland Blanket for Dogs and Cats

M-Pets Shetland , extra-soft dog and cat cover ideal as a kennel and as a slipcover.
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Refreshing Mat for Dogs and Cats

Instant cooling mat for dogs and cats , regulates body temperature and provides relief on hot days. Foldable, easy to [...]
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Self-Heating Mat for Dogs and Cats

Dog and cat mat with self-heating effect, no electricity required . Thanks to the insulating and heat-reflective layer, it [...]
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