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Supplements for Puppies

Supplementing a puppy dog's diet with oils or gems is a practice that is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to ensuring perfect health of the coat, immune system, liver and kidneys, supplements are particularly suitable in the increasingly popular "do-it-yourself diets" that are done at home.

Paco Pet offers you a wide selection of supplements, including oils, tablets, sprays and drops, to ensure your pet's perfect health. Adding a supplement to the main meal is also indicated with regard to a post-surgery, or antibiotic treatment or after worming.

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Candioli Forbid for Dogs and Cats

Candioli Forbid is a complementary feed against coprophagia
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Honey For Pet for Puppies and Kittens

Honey for Pet is an Italian honey-based complementary food for kittens, puppies and adult dogs . [...]
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Innovet Condrogen Energy for Puppies

Innovet Condrogen Energy contributes to the proper musculoskeletal development of puppies of all ages . [...]