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Chiudi Filtri

Honey Pet Food

HoneyPet Food is the first honey-based food for dogs and cats, 100% natural and made in Italy.

Our dogs and cats also receive tremendous benefits from honey .

Honey Pet Food's two special formulas, enriched with the elements they need most, are helpful in keeping them healthy and preventing aging-related problems.

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Honey For Pet for Puppies and Kittens

Honey for Pet is an Italian honey-based complementary food for kittens, puppies and adult dogs . [...]
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Honey Sprint Dog for Dogs

Honey Sprint Dog is a complementary food made with Italian honey , ideal for bringing energy [...]

Honey for Pet is recommended in the feeding of dogs and cats from the first months of life.

Honey Sprint Dog, on the other hand, is a formula designed for sporting and working dogs.

Thanks to its composition with Italian Honey, Pollen, Royal Jelly, Propolis and Vitamins it strengthens the immune system and provides more energy.

Honey provides 7 benefits to dogs and cats:

1. Energizing Food: Honey is ready energy and easily assimilated because it is composed of simple sugars.

2. Natural Antibiotic: Honey and Royal Jelly are powerful natural antibiotics. They help prevent coughs and colds.

3. Alleviates Allergies: Pollen helps the body prepare to fight allergies, especially seasonal ones.

4. Beneficial for the Gut: Nucleotides and Inulin contribute to the well-being of intestinal flora, keeping it in balance.

5. Vitamins and Mineral Salts: It contains vitamin A, B complex, D, E and vitamin K. Speaking of minerals, it contains iodine, phosphorus, calcium, silicon, magnesium and sulfur. Essential for growth and development.

6. Beneficial for the Stomach: Thanks to the enzymes it contains, it is easily digested and aids digestion.

7. Natural Antioxidant: the phenols and flavonoids contained in Honey have antioxidant properties. They fight free radicals and keep your dog young and healthy.