Collars and Leashes



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Collars and Leashes

Cat collars are more than just functional items; they are also customizable and trendy. The models, colors and fabrics offered are varied, from simple nylon ones to stretchy ones with bells, tags or address holders. If your feline friends love outdoor walks, also get the parure composed of harness and leash, ideal for outings with your cat, it is very comfortable and colorful. Among the latest novelties of the moment are also the customizable dog tags aimed at engraving or practical information such as name and address, or messages and phrases for your kitty: don't miss out!

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Collare Rubber per Gatti

Collare per gatti in gomma, fantasie assortite

M-Pets Reflective Collar for Cats

Cat collar with bell, visible even in the dark due to reflective design.