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Classic Games

Dogs love to play with their owners-it's a time of socialization and growth where the relationship between dog and owner is cemented. Check out Paco Pet Shop's collection of dog toys: balls, frisbees, neon balls with string, plush toys, barbells, kongs, bone and doggie toys, and more. In addition to distracting and chasing away your four-legged friend's boredom, dog toys stimulate intelligence and influence his well-being.

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Camon Boomerang Gioco per Cani


Camon Chocolate Bar Gioco per Cani


Camon Doggy Chip Gioco per Cani


Camon Manubrio Geometrico Gioco per Cani


copy of GiftBox per Cani


copy of M-PETS Squeaky Ball Dog Toy

M-PETS Squeaky is the play ball for small and medium-sized dogs. With attracting lure to encourage your [...]

copy of Tuttomio Rubber Cane Game for Dogs

Tuttomio , the classic stick for your dog to play with that bounces and [...]

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Easy Catch Ball for Dogs

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GiftBox per Cani


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GimDog Ball 5 Senses Dog Toy

The 5 Senses Ball is a sensory game for dogs
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KONG Extreme Black Dog Toy

KONG Extreme represents the tougher version of the original KONG toy. The ultra-strong and ultra-durable black rubber toy is [...]

M-Pets Alphonso Plush Toy for Dogs

Alphonso is the hedgehog that doesn't sting! The Alphonso M-pets toy is made of soft plush: it emits a [...]