Balls, Frisbees and Carry-Over Games


Balls, Frisbees and Carry-Over Games

Play activity is as essential for the puppy as for the adult dog. In this section Paco has selected for your dog's mental and physical well-being, only the best throwing and fetch toys. Comfortable and durable, these games are ideal for entertaining your 4-legged friend at the park, and for allowing him to discharge in a healthy and fun way, the accumulated energy and stress.

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Camon Boomerang Gioco per Cani


copy of M-PETS Squeaky Ball Dog Toy

M-PETS Squeaky is the play ball for small and medium-sized dogs. With attracting lure to encourage your [...]

copy of Tuttomio Rubber Cane Game for Dogs

Tuttomio , the classic stick for your dog to play with that bounces and [...]

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Easy Catch Ball for Dogs

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GimDog Ball 5 Senses Dog Toy

The 5 Senses Ball is a sensory game for dogs
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M-PETS Bow Ball with Handle for Dogs

The M-PETS Arco Ball is durable, practical and easy to use . The handle allows easy pickup by the dog and a [...]

M-PETS Handly Ball with Double Handle for Dogs

M-PETS Handly Ball with Double Handle for Dogs is the go-to toy for outdoor activities in the garden, park [...]

M-Pets Kooky Interactive Game for Dogs

The M-Pets Kooky ball , available in 2 sizes, is the interactive toy for dogs who love to prey and chase . [...]

M-Pets Uranus Dog Toy

M-Pets Uranus dog toy made of TPR, available in 3 colors. Measure cm 16x6x6