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M-Pets prodotti, accessori, giochi ed altro | Paco Pet Shop

M-Pets, with its lines specifically designed for the needs of your dog, cat and small pets , is the ideal company for those who want to buy accessories, innovative bedding, kennels, scratching posts, dog toys, rabbit and rodent items and much more!

Paco Pet Shop is proud of its partnership with M-Pets, a serious company that is always on the cutting edge. With its witty, bubbly and youthful style, M-Pets products are ideal for the pet owner who wants to take care of his pet without neglecting aesthetics and functionality.

With its wide selection, M-Pets, is able to meet the needs of pet owners and their pets. The innovations of the products in the line Hi-Tech from M-Pets are ideal for those who need to provide the right regularity for their pet, without giving up being out of the house.

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copy of M-PETS Squeaky Ball Dog Toy

M-PETS Squeaky is the play ball for small and medium-sized dogs. With attracting lure to encourage your [...]

Double Toothbrush for Dogs

The M-Pets double toothbrush for dogs and cats has one large and one small brush head to fit all sizes. The brush heads are positioned [...]

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Giro Pet Carrier for Dogs and Cats

M-Pets Giro Pet Carrier high quality plastic pet carrier for transporting dogs and cats [...]
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M-PET Iris Interactive Bowl for Dogs and Cats

M-PET Iris is the Interactive Bowl indicated as an intelligence game for dogs and cats or to slow [...]

M-Pets Alphonso Plush Toy for Dogs

Alphonso is the hedgehog that doesn't sting! The Alphonso M-pets toy is made of soft plush: it emits a [...]

M-PETS Aster Interactive Dog and Cat Bowl

M-PETS Aster Interactive Cat and Dog Bowl, thanks to its kibble release system slows down food intake, prevents [...]

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M-Pets Bag Dispenser for Dogs

Dispenser for hygienic bags for dogs
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M-Pets Bones Dog Collar

M-Pets Bones collar for dogs made of nylon , with safety lock. Available in 2 sizes: S - Neck circumference 25 [...]

M-Pets Bones Dog Leash


M-PETS Bow Ball with Handle for Dogs

The M-PETS Arco Ball is durable, practical and easy to use . The handle allows easy pickup by the dog and a [...]

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M-Pets Carder for Dogs and Cats

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M-Pets Cat Bowl

Plastic cat bowl with non-slip feet

M-Pets is a company specializing in the distribution of innovative pet care products.

Paco Pet Shop chooses only the best for its customers, and M-Pets ' successful lines will not disappoint.