Habitat and Accessories


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Habitat and Accessories

To every rodent... its home!

Choosing ahabitat for rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and chinchillas is so important because, in those spaces, they will usually spend their entire lives. Who would want to live in a closet when they have the best apartments available? This applies to our little four-legged friends and their cages, and their accessories.

Giving them ease of movement, small dens to hide in, dividing daytime and nighttime spaces is a great way to begin the growth of our little friends. Paco Pet has selected for you only the best and most functional products that will help your friend feel "really" at home!

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Corner Toilet Box for Rabbits and Rodents

Plastic corner toilet box for rabbits and rodents, with hooks for fixing to the cage

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Wigwam Tent for Rodents

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