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Trixie is a German company, a leader in Europe, specializing in the Pet Care sector: leisure products, beds, leashes, cages, bowls, scratching posts, hammocks and products for the care and hygiene of dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and rodents. Trixie, founded in 1974, is synonymous with innovation, technology, safety and attention to the needs of the pet, as evidenced by the extensive space it devotes to research and development of new products by observing and studying in detail the lifestyles of pets.

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Corner Toilet Box for Rabbits and Rodents

Plastic corner toilet box for rabbits and rodents, with hooks for fixing to the cage

Top Trainer Training Muzzle


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Wigwam Tent for Rodents

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Trixie's mission is to provide practical, well-designed accessories to meet the needs of your pets. Their product range covers everything from care and hygiene items to fun toys, comfortable carriers to feeders and more. Each product is created with attention to detail to ensure your pets' satisfaction and your peace of mind.

Quality is at the heart of Trixie 's commitment. Each accessory is made from durable and safe materials, ensuring long life and worry-free use. Trixie understands the importance of offering products that stand the test of time and the daily needs of your pets.