Puppy Repellents


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Puppy Repellents

Raising a puppy is an adventure--and as such we have to be ready for anything, especially cleaning house a little more when it arrives. Peeing and pottying done in corners, not always on the sleeper, are the norm, the first few days, but don't despair. Arm yourself with lots of patience (and don't yell at him! Otherwise he may intend that he should not potty in your presence instead of perceiving his mistake), sleepers and dishabitants.

Puppy habitats, why choose them?

These products are particularly good for training your puppy not to pee and relieve himself in areas of the house that are not intended for that purpose... Carpets, corners and sofas will be safe thanks to these sprays, powders and cleaners specially designed to have a repellent effect on the puppy. Products that respect fabrics and floors chosen by Paco to help you on your new 4-legged friend's journey of growth. To learn more read our editorial on good habits your puppy should have.

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