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Home and Environment for Puppies

Create acomfortable environment for your puppy with selected accessories from Paco Pet Shop. Remember that from the time you bring him home, the puppy must be able to clearly understand the division of space. Bowls are best kept in the kitchen area (if the dog will be living at home), so that the animal understands that that is the area designated for feeding.

If, on the other hand, your puppy will grow up outdoors, first of all it is good to make sure that the fence is secure and "escape-proof." That's why we introduce you to nets and protective solutions for fences and balconies, which are essential to prevent accidents and falls.

Play is also a key part of your puppy's growth. Choosing products that he cannot ingest, that are durable and "educational," is of the utmost importance. Through play, puppy dogs learn to socialize, learn about the world and habits. Paco Pet Shop presents you with the best brands of puppy toys to let them play with or actively participate with them to strengthen your special bond.

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Inodorina Spray Abituante per Cani e Gatti


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Interior Disabituating Spray

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Lev Absorbent Dog Mats

Lev Super-absorbent hygienic mats for puppies and adult dogs, available in two sizes, 60x60 [...]

M-Pets Elbe Fountain for Dogs and Cats

M-Pets' Elbe fountain is a continuous-cycle fountain for dogs and cats, holding up to 3 liters of water . It ensures [...]

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Reusable Washable Hygienic Mat

Extra absorbent sanitary mat, washable and reusable up to 300 times
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URITEST Hygienic Mats with Urine Control for Dogs

URITEST from M-PETS are the practical hygienic urine testing pads for dogs . Thanks to their coating, they [...]