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Mental activation games

What mental activation games for dogs are for

Man's best friend is a very sensitive and intelligent animal, but this intelligence should always be stimulated and trained. Mental activation games for dogs have exactly this goal: they are designed to push the dog to independently find solutions to simple problems that require reasoning.Discover the wide range of smart games for dogs at Paco Pet Shop!

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GimDog Ball 5 Senses Dog Toy

The 5 Senses Ball is a sensory game for dogs
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M-PET Iris Interactive Bowl for Dogs and Cats

M-PET Iris is the Interactive Bowl indicated as an intelligence game for dogs and cats or to slow [...]

M-Pets Kooky Interactive Game for Dogs

The M-Pets Kooky ball , available in 2 sizes, is the interactive toy for dogs who love to prey and chase . [...]