Pillows, Mats and Blankets for Small and Toy Dogs


Chiudi Filtri

Pillows, Mats and Blankets for Small and Toy Dogs

In this section, you'll find only the best pillows and blankets to functionally furnish your small dog's living space. Small and toy dogs love comfort, and why not indulge them? Soft, durable cushions, able to withstand the wear and playfulness of your 4-legged friend, attractively designed and suitable for all sizes and space requirements.

Remember that the kennel, for the small and toy dog, is a safe place to take refuge when he is frightened, when he wants to indulge in a nap, or simply when he needs to relax. It should therefore be placed in a place he appreciates and made as soft and cozy as possible to avoid non-use. If you have noticed that your mini dog prefers the sofa or an armchair, let him know that you respect his choice: cuddle him with a comfortable blanket, ideal for his comfort but also to keep the place clean of hair!


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