Toys, Kennels and Accessories for Small and Toy Dogs


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Toys, Kennels and Accessories for Small and Toy Dogs

Toys, kennels and accessories for small dogs are no longer a problem: in this section, Paco has selected only the best for your small and toy dog. Comfortable cushions to be placed where your 4-legged friend prefers to provide him with an invigorating nap or simply a safe place to play and relax. Not sure how to navigate the world of kennels and afraid your dog might 'snub' it? Don't worry, read our editorial: How to choose the perfect kennel.

Among the must-have accessories for your small dog, Paco recommends the best harnesses, collars and leashes for your walks. Remember that small and toy dogs are not puppets and need lots of exercise (sometimes even more than their larger cousins). To allow your 4-legged friend to let off all his energy, indulge in toys suitable for the small size of his mouth.

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