Diapers, Hygienic Mats and Sleepers for Small Dogs


Diapers, Hygienic Mats and Sleepers for Small Dogs

The best sleepers, hygienic pads and diapers for small dogs can be found at Paco. Supports designed to meet the needs of elderly small dogs, convalescent or sick dogs. Panties for bitches in heat, for dogs with transient or chronic incontinence due to illness or old age. Washable or disposable, these hygienic sleepers are in several convenient sizes to fit any area of the house.

All products in this category are comfortable, functional and discreet, suitable for the needs of every small dog.

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Reusable Washable Hygienic Mat

Extra absorbent sanitary mat, washable and reusable up to 300 times
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URITEST Hygienic Mats with Urine Control for Dogs

URITEST from M-PETS are the practical hygienic urine testing pads for dogs . Thanks to their coating, they [...]