Small and Toy Dog Care and Health


Small and Toy Dog Care and Health

The small dog needs more attention than a large cousin. The coat and skin of small and toy dogs are extremely delicate, and it is through this organ (yes, the skin is an organ, and moreover the second most important after the liver for cleansing its body of toxins) that rashes due to allergies and intolerances can occur. For his daily and non-daily cleaning, one should prefer natural products, shampoos and gentle wipes to avoid damaging the delicate balance of his skin.

The small dog needs a lot of nutrients to keep his body in perfect health, he burns much more energy than large dogs, and therefore, adding specific supplements to his diet allows you to weigh to any deficiencies. Not only that, accessories such as diapers, dishabitants, and sleepers are essential especially for those who keep their dogs in apartments.

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Natural Meadows Hybrid Tablets for Dogs

Orme Naturali Hybrid helps alleviate epiphora and improve halitosis
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Reusable Washable Hygienic Mat

Extra absorbent sanitary mat, washable and reusable up to 300 times
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URITEST Hygienic Mats with Urine Control for Dogs

URITEST from M-PETS are the practical hygienic urine testing pads for dogs . Thanks to their coating, they [...]