Hay: essential for the rabbit's needs

Hay is an essential food for the rabbit. In nature, being a strictly herbivorous animal, the rabbit would feed on fresh grass from pastures. For the pet, fresh grass is not easy to come by and so it is good practice to provide it with excellent hay that can benefit its nutritional needs.

Choosing a good hay is therefore essential to keep his intestines healthy and provide him with the right amount of fiber. Paco Pet has selected the best hays, enriched with flowers, flavored with herbs or classic to ensure appetite and palatability. They contain calcium, which strengthens bones, require prolonged chewing (which allows good dental health), are low in fat and carbohydrates, and ensure optimal rabbit health .

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Genesis Mini's Alfalfa

Genesis Mini's Alfalfa are compacted Alfalfa hay cubes. They are sun-dried, dust-free and stimulate chewing [...]

Genesis Mini's Alfalfa Timothy

Genesis Ultra Premium Alfalfa Timothy Mini's are a delicious, healthy, natural snack packed with essential fiber in a [...]
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Oxbow Alfalfa Hay for Rabbits and Rodents

Oxbow Alfalfa Hay farm-fresh leguminous alfalfa is a hay suitable for young animals , [...]
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