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The muzzle is not much loved by dog owners who would prefer to avoid it, but in some places by law it is mandatory for your four-legged friend to wear them. There are many different models of dog mu zzles, ranging from plastic muzzles to iron muzzles, from grid muzzles, which are best for preventing your dog from attacking someone, to nylon muzzles, which prevent any movement of your dog's mouth. All of the muzzles on the Paco Pet Shop website ensure proper breathing for your dog and are designed to fit perfectly on the muzzle to which they are applied.

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M-Pets Soft Muzzle for Dogs

Fabric dog muzzle, available in 5 sizes
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Master Control Training Muzzle

Nylon muzzle halter, padded on the muzzle, to facilitate training or control in dogs that pull on the leash.
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Top Trainer Training Muzzle