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Multivitamins for dogs with potassium deficiencies, vitamins, for loss of fatty tissue, for skin and coat improvement. In this section, Paco has selected the best supplements for good dog health. An incomplete diet ( such as a homemade diet ) can lead to a lack of certain vitamins and natural elements essential for the optimal functioning of the dog's body.

Choosing the right supplement for his needs can help strengthen bones, immune system, intestines, eyesight, coat and skin that appear "damaged." Always consult your veterinarian before proceeding with a do-it-yourself treatment.

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Honey For Pet for Puppies and Kittens

Honey for Pet is an Italian honey-based complementary food for kittens, puppies and adult dogs . [...]
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Honey Sprint Dog for Dogs

Honey Sprint Dog is a complementary food made with Italian honey , ideal for bringing energy [...]

Orme Naturali Ormevit Tablets

Ormevit is a complementary food rich in essential amino acids , minerals and [...]
€11.14 Compensation for Dogs and Cats

Q.Diet Compensa provides minerals and vitamins making your pet's home diet complete . It contains no animal protein, grains [...]
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] ULTRA Compensa for Dogs and Cats

Compensa Ultra for Dogs and Cats is the ideal vitamin-mineral supplement to supplement home diets or elimination diets. Due [...]