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Shampoo for dogs

Shampoos and detergents are very important for cleaning dogs. Detergents with a neutral ph should be chosen, while for the outer ear pinnae it is preferable to use specific cleansing milk. Some dog shampoos contain balsamic agents that can untangle hair knots with a good brushing. In colder seasons or when faced with animals that are afraid of water, it is also possible to use products such as dry dog shampoo in the form of foam, powder or spray that should be spread evenly over the animal's coat.

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Clorexyderm Disinfectant Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

Clorexyderm Shampoo for cleaning the hair of dogs and cats is useful when the cleaning action needs to be [...]
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Clorexyderm Solution for Dogs and Cats

Clorexyderm Solution is a disinfectant for the treatment of large skin areas and [...]
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Detergif Dog Dry Cleansing Lotion for Dogs

Union B.I.O. Detergif Dog is a dry cleaning lotion for dogs that can replace common dry shampoos and wipes . [...]

Inodorina Dry Shampoo Mousse for Dogs and Cats

Inodorina Shampoo Mousse is ideal for ensuring the daily hygiene of dogs, cats and puppies even without water. After [...]

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Leniderm Foam for Dogs and Cats

Leniderm is a soothing foam for dogs and cats , indicated for itchy skin [...]
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Leniderm Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

Leniderm Shampoo for dogs and cats with oat hydrolysate, for sensitive or irritated skin
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M-PETS Natural Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Dogs

M-PETS Natural Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Dogs. Paraben-free , actively combats dandruff caused by stess and [...]

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Natural Herbs Conditioner Stripper

The conditioner that allows the hair to be instantly combable and harmonious
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Protection Dry Shampoo for Dogs with Neem and Sandalwood

Protection Line No-Rinse Spray Foam with Neem and Lavender is a dry shampoo ideal for the daily hygiene of [...]

Union B.I.O. Star Pets Detangling Lotion for Dogs and Cats

Union B.I.O. Star Pets is the innovative detangling lotion for dogs and cats that volumizes, shines and [...]

Zanco Antiparasitic Shampoo for Dogs

Candioli Zanco is an antiparasitic shampoo for the treatment of external parasite infestations in dogs, [...]

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Zincoseb Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

Zincoseb Rebalancing shampoo for dogs and cats indicated to prevent seborrhea
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