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Sensory Games

Paco Pet Shop offers a wide range of sensory games for cats, even cats love stimulating games that awaken your kitty's curiosity and instincts! Discover the wide range of intelligence games for cats that stimulate your four-legged friend's cognitive abilities and challenge him to a prize. Keep your cat active and awake, get him away from monotony, boredom and depression, cats really need to play!

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M-PET Iris Interactive Bowl for Dogs and Cats

M-PET Iris is the Interactive Bowl indicated as an intelligence game for dogs and cats or to slow [...]

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M-Pets Magnetic Interactive Toy for Cats

M-Pets Magnetic Interactive Game for Cats , is an electronic game with 3 different speeds for [...]
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M-Pets Orbit Interactive Toy for Cats

M-Pets Orbit Interactive Game for Cats, is a high-tech electronic and sensory game for cats. M-Pets Orbit [...]

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M-Pets Swing Interactive Toy for Cats

M-Pets Swing Interactive Game for Cats , is a high-tech sensory ball that entertains the cat with sounds and [...]
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M-PETS Vortex Interactive Electronic Toy for Cats

M-PETS Vortex Electronic Interactive Game for Cats is the game to stimulate the cat's solitary play activity. With [...]