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Oral Hygiene

At Paco Pet Shop you can find all the useful products for cleaning and hygiene of your cat's teeth. Having healthy teeth decreases the chance of contracting infections such as gingivitis and stomatitis, so to prevent these annoying infections, you should clean your cat's teeth. In this section you will find toothpastes, complementary feed to restore the correct pH of the salivary glands, products to fight plaque and improve your kitty's breath.

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DentalPet Kit for Dogs and Cats

Dental Pet Kit is toothpaste, spray mouthwash and thimble for daily oral hygiene for dogs and cats
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DentalPet Spray for Dogs and Cats

DentalPet Spray is a chlorhexidine oral spray for dogs and cats.

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DentalPet Toothpaste for Dogs and Cats

Dentalpet Pasta is a toothpaste specifically for dogs and cats.
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ICF Stomodine Gel for Dogs and Cats

Stomodine is an innovative oral hygiene gel for dogs and cats , with 0.12% chlorhexydine, indicated when: a [...]

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Innovet Restomyl Dentalcroc for Cats

Innovet Restomyl Dentalcroc for Cats is the kibble supplement for controlling bad breath and fighting plaque and [...]
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M-Pets Tooth Cleaning Set for Dogs

Dog tooth cleaning set, includes two finger brushes, a double-head toothbrush and a dog toothpaste .