The valuable partnerships: AWorld

AWorld is the App that guides people to live sustainably, selected by the United Nations as the official App to support the ActNow campaign against climate change

Download the AWorld App from here and join the Paco team by clicking at the bottom on Community and then at the top on Teams. Together we will achieve the team's goals and help the planet in concrete ways.

Want to adopt more sustainable habits every day? Download the Aword app and join the Paco Team on the AWorld app.

With Aworld you can be an active part of the change: by participating in sustainability challenges, interacting with a community of like-minded users, and getting informed through thematic and educational content. Download Aworld:

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Valuable partnerships: Tree-Nation

Through a partnership with Tree-Nation, Paco is a CO2 Neutral site: emissions generated by web traffic on Paco are tracked, quantified, and offset through the planting of new trees. Click here to learn more and to visit Paco's Forest.

A more sustainable world is possible and each of us must do something in our own small way. Paco, too, has decided to commit to making its work more Eco Friendly through its Sustainability Pet program.

What Paco is doing for the environment

Paco has decided to question what can be done, as an online store, to support the environment. In addition to launching a weekly training program, called Sustanability Pet Week (see articles HERE), launched sustainability surveys(on Paco's Instagram page), Paco discovered thatpackage packaging could alsobe made even more eco friendly.

1. Paco's Eco Friendly Packaging.

The boxes in which you will receive your Paco orders are certified recycled cardboard printed without the use of polluting inks . The scotch tape with which the packages are sealed is made of paper printed with water-based colors, thus making it 100% recyclable.

The inner packaging is made from boxes, cartons and scraps, shredded into a net to ensure protection for the inner products without waste.

Packages are given to couriers once a day instead of 2 or 3 times a day. This limits emissions and optimizes fuel consumption.

2. Product selection

On Paco we try to select more and more foods, accessories, toys, and brands that are actively committed to the preservation of the planet and the search for sustainable methods. Foods that are prepared at the time of order with selected raw materials, such as HOM Homemade Original Meal, or that package food in recyclable bags and printed without polluting inks such as the Barnie' s and Edgard & Cooper lines.

Among the main sources of air pollution(according to research by IRES and Europarliament read HERE) are chemicals, particularly FIPRONIL. Fipronil is widely used as a pesticide for pets despite being withdrawn from the market as an agricultural pest control. Paco has always recommended the use of natural products to protect dogs and cats from fleas, ticks, lice and mosquitoes such asNeem Oil.

Made in Italy is also important, not only to control the raw materials used, but also to limit the transport of goods by trucks from abroad, which increase pollution.

3. Initiatives

Paco is committed to supporting a variety of initiatives: from raising awareness among Pet Owners to documenting new natural, equitable, and environmentally friendly maintenance systems.

  • PACO'S FOREST. Through a partnership with Tree-Nation, Paco is a CO2 Neutral site: emissions generated by web traffic on Paco are tracked, quantified, and offset through the planting of new trees. Click here to learn more and to visit Paco's Forest.
  • SUSTAINABILITY PET WEEK: Sustainability Pet Week is a week in which articles on sustainability, recycling and eco friendliness take center stage. Even a small gesture of concern for the environment, such as using biodegradable toilet bags or recycling tips, can go a long way in our small way. We have great faith in people and know that together we can do it!
  • SUPPORTING ECO FRIENDLY INITIATIVES: Initiatives aimed at decreasing the abandonment of dogs and cats, such as Almo Nature's A Companion Animal Is For Life or the proper disposal of pet food waste such as Terracycle, fit perfectly with our sustainability philosophy.
  • FRIDAY FOR FUTURE: Friday for Future is the initiative that involves thousands of people every Friday to raise awareness of governments and businesses about the environmental situation of our planet. Paco stands in solidarity with all FFF activists and will color its homepage every Friday with a cross-reference to this collective, giving tips and short videos on how to become more sustainable even in online shopping!

4. Paco's tips for Eco Friendly shopping.

Even an online order has an environmental impact: just think of the Co2 emissions from transportation. So here are some tips on how to make your online shopping more sustainable:

  1. Order once a month to limit pollution
  2. Order together with your neighbors to limit Co2 emissions from transportation
  3. Always recycle packaging
  4. Choose stores that are committed to sustainability and use recycled packaging for their shipments
  5. Avoid returns: before buying a product online that needs precise measurements (kennels, harnesses, coats) make sure you have done everything possible to limit the possibility of error! A return is like double shipping, it pollutes twice as much!