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Ceva Vetem

Ceva Vetem, pharmaceutical products and vaccines for animals

Ceva Vetem Animal Health is an Italian company that produces pharmaceutical products and vaccines for animals. Specifically, the Ceva Vetem range includes anti-infective products, those concerning reproduction, behavior, anti-inflammatory, metabolic, and vaccines. Ceva Vetem Animal Health is committed to ensuring the well-being and health of animals through an ongoing research process that allows for innovative solutions to the most common problems of dogs and cats.

The products that belong to Ceva's wellness line are: Adaptil (prevents and controls stress in dogs, in puppies and adults), Feliway (natural solution based on feline pheromones to prevent and control stress-related behavioral problems in cats ), Actinorm (natural regulator of intestinal function), Optigenic (cleanses the eye area and prevents bacterial infections) and Orozyme (enzyme paste for oral-dental hygiene).

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Actinorm Paste for Cats

Actinorm Paste for cats removes hairballs and normalizes intestinal function
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Actinorm Pro Tablets for Dogs and Cats

Actinorm Pro tablets for dogs and cats is a natural bioregulator of intestinal function consisting of [...]
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