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Chiudi Filtri


Papername is the solution that allows you to create your personalized gift card online quickly and easily. With Papername, the wrapping paper will be printed with photos of your pets and unwrapping a gift will be an even bigger thrill.

Thanks to the partnership with Papername, Paco's customers can enjoy a 33% discount and free shipping on the purchase of 3 sheets, until December 31.

Each sheet measures 100 x 70 cm and is beautifully made, elegant and original. The paper is glossy coated and has a weight of 80 gsm. We do not use solvent inks, but rather water-based and synthetic latex, taking advantage of the benefits of a proprietary HP technology called Latex.

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With wrapping your Christmas gift this year will be a unique experience. Papername allows you to print your [...]
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