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Arquivet: tasty deer antler and buffalo snacks for dogs

Arquivet is a Spanish company that produces a wide range of products for dogs, including several tasty snacks ideal for chewing and cleaning teeth. Deer Antler and Buffalo snacks are perfect for dogs with food intolerances, but also for overweight dogs, as they are fat-free.

The buffalo and deer antler snacks consist of minerals and proteins, delicious and delicious much loved by our four-legged friends; they are odorless to humans and very long-lasting. Arquivet has always been committed to product innovation and quality, with careful selection of raw materials. Delight your dog with something 100 percent natural to munch on or teethe with, also ideal for those following the Barf Diet.

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  "value" => "Cruelty Free, Natural, GMO Free"

Buffalo Horns for Dogs

Inside of buffalo antlers for dogs, all-natural and cruelty free snack for dogs. Softer and crumblier texture than [...]

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