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Brit Care: super premium hypoallergenic foods to protect the immune system

Brit Care super premium line dog and cat foods are specially formulated to protect their bodies from negative natural influences. The manufacturing process of these wet and kibble foods begins by selecting the best high-quality meat parts: lamb, salmon, herring, duck and rabbit to produce hypoallergenic formulas that are balanced and easily digested by even the most sensitive dogs and cats. The special formulation of Brit Care foods present a complex of natural elements that strengthen the immune system, improving physical condition and eliminating the risk of the onset of serious diseases. Brit Care products are adapted to the needs of each animal, for the dog, for example, choosing Brit Care Lamb & Rice, you guarantee your pet maximum digestibility without the presence of chicken. Salmon & Potato on the other hand, are the grain free kibble with an optimal percentage of amino acids. For cat care, Brit Care nutrition is designed to support the immune system: a well-balanced blend of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and natural anti-inflammatories for proper functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract.

Brit Care, functional foods that strengthen the immune system in dogs and cats

Brit Care foods are products made with natural ingredients and functional elements to support the immune system, improve the body's health, and help prevent diseases and food intolerances. Brit Care food lines are composed of amino acids optimized to nourish our pets' tissues and muscles, which are essential elements to keep the pet in optimal physical condition.

Public price list updated 02/08/2023