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Dog Repellent

Dog repellents are products that support dog owners in educating their dogs. Bad habits must be changed, and the selection of repellent sprays offered by Paco Pet Shop is certainly an excellent solution. The indoor repellent is suitable for all surfaces, immediately transmitting the signal of prohibited place to soil to the animal. Educating your furry and faithful friends is important in order to avoid unpleasant situations and promote coexistence between you and your Fido. Paco Pet offers you a selection of products aimed at this function, both neutral and plant essence-based, for both indoor and outdoor environments and plants.

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Inodorina Spray Repellente Educativo per Cani


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Interior Disabituating Spray

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SweetPee Sanitizing Spray

Sweetpee is an enzyme liquid spray that, with its unique formulation of enzymes and plant extracts, helps break down urine [...]