Dog Hygienic Bags and Bag Holders


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Dog Hygienic Bags and Bag Holders

Dog hygiene bags, in addition to being a form of respect for the environment and others, are mandatory during all walks in the park and out of doors with your faithful four-legged friends. Hygienic bags will help you avoid steep fines and respect nature and other citizens, avoiding unpleasant accidents. In order to facilitate the collection of your Fido's droppings, there are also hygienic scoops on the market, both disposable and plastic. Paco Pet Shop is environmentally friendly and offers a wide range of hygienic bags, in different colors, sizes and shapes depending on your preferences. The bags can be conveniently kept in special bag holders and dispensers, colorful, classic or fancy, useful and very practical you can even directly attach them to the leash!

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Camon CityGo Toilet Bag Dispenser

Toilet bag dispenser with 20 bags included
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Camon Compostable Hygienic Bags for Dogs

Camon dog hygiene bags are 100% compostable and biodegradable . Pack of 120 bags that are durable, easy to [...]
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Camon Scented Hygienic Bags for Dogs

Scented and colored Hygienic Bags for dogs, for the collection of dog droppings. Pack of 8 rolls of 15 bags each.
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M-Pets Bag Dispenser for Dogs

Dispenser for hygienic bags for dogs
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Sacchetti igienici per cani 27x30 cm