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Carriers and Kennels

Rigid dog carriers, bags and kennels

Paco Pet Shop offers a variety of dog carriers in various sizes and materials that are ideal for peacefully spending a trip with your four-legged friend. Rigid dog carriers, bags, dog kennels, dog strollers and accessories such as wheels and transport cages. Also discover mobile dog houses, ideal solutions for travel, but also useful in the home.

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Camon Stroller for Dogs and Cats

Stroller for small dogs , cats and other small pets up to 15 kg in weight [...]

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Giro Pet Carrier for Dogs and Cats

M-Pets Giro Pet Carrier high quality plastic pet carrier for transporting dogs and cats [...]
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M-Pets Comfort Crate Mobile Crate for Dogs and Cats

Mobile kennel-home with metal frame, very stable and sturdy, ideal for travel, transportation and exhibitions. Foldable, with [...]

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Max Trolley for Dogs and Cats

Trolley Max is a trolley carrier for dogs and cats , very versatile, it converts into a trolley on wheels , [...]
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Trolley Trailer Carrier for Dogs and Cats

Trolley car avan carrier for animals weighing up to 13 kg , with pull-out trolley and telescoping handle.
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