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Puppy Care

All the essentials for puppy dogs

Has a new little four-legged friend arrived in your home? In this section you will find all the essentials for the newcomer, lots of products for puppy dogs: complete feed for artificial feeding up to weaning, complementary feed, teats, feeding syringes, first meals, and cleaning items such as shampoos, creams, hygienic and absorbent mats, wipes, and scented diapers.

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Candioli Forbid for Dogs and Cats

Candioli Forbid is a complementary feed against coprophagia
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copy of Beaphar Lactol Latte per Gattini


Puppy Feeding Kit

Bottle with teats, suitable for nursing puppies, kittens, hamsters, guinea pigs, and other small animals.

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Reusable Washable Hygienic Mat

Extra absorbent sanitary mat, washable and reusable up to 300 times
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Union B.I.O. Star Pets Detangling Lotion for Dogs and Cats

Union B.I.O. Star Pets is the innovative detangling lotion for dogs and cats that volumizes, shines and [...]