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Dog bowls on special offer

Dog bowls are one of those absolutely indispensable items for anyone who owns a Fido. There are many models for your friends, from the simplest and most classic to the most complex and articulated. There are many materials available, in plastic, ceramic or steel, adaptable to different shapes and sizes depending on the size of your dog and your personal preferences. Paco Pet Shop offers a wide selection of colorful, cheerful and imaginative dog bowls, as well as simple, classic and monochromatic ones.

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Food Stand Wall Bowls for Dogs

Plastic raised dog bowls to be fixed to the wall, allow the dog to eat in the correct position.

M-PET Iris Interactive Bowl for Dogs and Cats

M-PET Iris is the Interactive Bowl indicated as an intelligence game for dogs and cats or to slow [...]

M-Pets Dog Bowl in Plastic Anti-Rolling

M-Pets dog bowl , made of high-quality heavy plastic, with non-slip flared feet to ensure maximum [...]

M-Pets Double Bowl for Dogs made of Plastic Anti-Rolling

M-Pets Double Bowl for dogs , for water and food, made of high-quality heavy plastic, with non-slip [...]

M-Pets Floor Holder for Dogs

M-Pets Floor Bowl Holder , with two 800 ml plastic bowls included, ideal for medium-sized dogs.

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M-Pets Folding Bowl for Dogs and Cats

Foldable travel bowl from M-pets, made of durable silicone with carabiner and plastic crown for added stability [...]
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M-Pets Melamine Bowl for Dogs

High-edge , melamine dog bowl with non-slip feet. Available in two sizes, 300 ml (for toy-sized dogs) [...]

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Square Steel Bowl for Dogs

Very high quality , solid, heavy duty dog bowls made with stainless steel . They have a [...]
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Dog bowls for dry, wet and water food

Bowls are versatile, suitable for both dry and wet food, but also for quenching your faithful friend's thirst with fresh water. Always remember to keep them tidy and clean: your dog's health is worth it! There are also countless accessories related to dog bowls selected by Paco Pet for all of you: they are very useful and ideal for lifting and carrying food and water containers during out-of-town trips.