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Pet On Wheels

Pet On Wheels Pow | Trasportini per moto e bici per cani

Pet on Wheels (Pow): the dog and cat carrier suitable for bikes and motorcycles

Bicycling and motorcycling with your dog in total safety: it is now possible thanks to the rigid pet carrier for dogs and cats, made by Pet on Wheels. The carrier is patented for transporting small pets up to 10 kg and meets the safety and regulatory standards of the Highway Code. POW is made of colorful plastic and allows small and medium-sized dogs to travel extremely comfortably, eliminating distractions for riders, in the safest manner. The carrier is equipped with vents for ventilation and a closable porthole, allowing the animal to get its head out safely, thanks to the internal leash to which the animal's collar can be fastened during the ride.

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Pow Rigid Carrier for Motorcycles Scooters Bikes and Cars

POW is a pet carrier for animals, designed as a top box rigid for [...]
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