On Paco, returns are easy and safe... but first...

At Paco, returns are not free. Before purchasing products that need specific sizes, measurements, or ingredients, be sure to select the correct product! A return is like double shipping, so it emits twice as much Co2 (not counting the cost of the return shipping you will incur).

If despite everything your purchase does not convince you, if your pet has new needs, or if you have simply changed your mind, you can return what you ordered to us. If you have purchased more than one product, you can return what you want; it is not necessary to make the full return.

How to make a return

Here's how you need to:

1. call or write us to inform us of your wish to make a return, within 14 days of receipt. We recommend that you send some photos of the product to be returned to info@pacopetshop.it or via whatsapp at 3518877872 to assess the condition of the product together and thus avoid unpleasant misunderstandings.

2. DO NOT use the product, DO NOT peel off the label and DO NOT open the package, because then we can no longer accept the return.

3. pack the product in the box you received it in or any other suitable box. DO NOT use packaging that is too light or weak, the product may be damaged.

4. write the address on the package, this way if the shipping label comes off or is lost, the package will still reach us



10126 TURIN

TE. 3518877872

5. choose whether to use our courier or your trusted courier. Using our courier we will email you the waybill, you will need to print it out and affix it to the box. The cost varies according to weight and size, (with a minimum of 15 euros) and will be deducted from your refund. You will not have to pay anything to the driver at the time of pickup. In case you use your own courier instead, notify us of the shipment so that we can handle it faster.

6. wait for our communication: as soon as we receive the return we will check it and inform you. At that point you can tell us how you prefer the refund to be made, whether by a shopping voucher to be used on a new order or by a credit to your credit card or paypal.

If the product you purchased seems defective or nonconforming, please contact us and we will assist you in resolving the problem. Returns and/or refund requests for tampered products will not be accepted as it would be impossible to determine whether the malfunction is due to a factory defect in the product or misuse.

FRESH PRODUCTS (such as HOM), as they are specially cooked for the applicant, CANNOT be returned.

Need more information? Write to us at info@pacopetshop.it