The vegan and vegetarian philosophies, involve the total absence of proteins of animal origin and the partial (in the vegetarian diet is allowed) presence of items derived from animal husbandry, such as eggs, milk, etc.

The origin of the choice to feed one's dog vegan (i.e., containing no animal derivatives and meat) or vegetarian (i.e., containing protein from fruits, vegetables, tubers, as well as eggs and dairy products) food stems from human awareness of the intensive breeding ways of some pet food companies, but also of food for us. Not only that, as annual statistics from global veterinarians show, more and more dogs are manifesting allergies to certain proteins or products added to their meals such as appetizers and dyes. Choosing foods that are not of animal origin, then, would limit these kinds of illnesses and meet the dog's needs because of the unique proteins of plant origin (potatoes, rice, legumes, etc.).

The energy sources of these products are derived almost exclusively from vegetables and fruits. Learn all about Vegan and Vegetarian diets for dogs and cats..